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Disneynature MONKEY KINGDOM Family Activity Pack & Educators Guide

Last year at the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration my family and I enjoyed a pre-screening of Disneynature BEARS. And we all just loved it. This year Disneynature is back with MONKEY KINGDOM … [Read More...]


Birdhouse for Autism: A Special Needs Parents Must Have App

Speech therapy, social skills therapy, swim class, occupational therapy, this supplement at this time, that supplement at that time, neurofeedback appointments - UGH, it's all so overwhelming! … [Read More...]

maria cookies

It’s the Silly Things I Miss

A friend posted this photo on her facebook page, just a silly photo of some cookies but not just any cookies. Well, at least not to me. They were called Maria cookies as you can see and the reason she … [Read More...]

crispy baked chicken wings

Rickey’s Crispy Baked Hot Wings #RickeysHotSauce

Well, if you know me or have ever read my blog you know I am not great in the kitchen. I admit it. BUT and yes there is a but, every once in a while I come across something I can actually make that … [Read More...]

how do you show your disney side

Different Themes, Always a Disney Dream #DisneySide

After much thought and believe me I thought about it a lot, I just decided not to have a particular "theme" for our Disney Side at home celebration. I love so much about Disney and how it makes me … [Read More...]

cinderella sweepstakes

Disney CINDERELLA Perfect Fit Sweepstakes

In honor of Disney’s CINDERELLA, opening in theatres everywhere on March 13th, enter today for your chance to win a 5-day, 4-night enchanting vacation for four to the Walt Disney World® Resort … [Read More...]


Creativity – What Does It Mean To You?

I just made a comment on my facebook page saying I'm not very good at crafts and then it made me think. No, I'm not good at crafts but that's doesn't mean I'm not creative. I guess I let my head get … [Read More...]