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The Unexpected Things

Sometimes you hear the most unexpected things in the most unexpected places but it really makes an impact right when you needed it to. That happened to me yesterday while I was out shopping with my … [Read More...]

There are so many beautiful . . .

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A Whole New World . . . A Conversation with Brad Kane

Can you believe it's been 23 years since Disney's Aladdin came out? Seems like only yesterday doesn't it? On October 13th Aladdin The Diamond Edition will be released give you A Whole New World . . . … [Read More...]

Enjoy the Little Things In Life . . .

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Cherishing the Moments

We are all too much in a rush some days maybe all the time that we let life pass us by. We focus so much on getting through the days we don't cherish the moments in the day we had. This past week my … [Read More...]

If You Love Life…

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Never Tell Me The Sky is the Limit…

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