Autism – Do You Know Me?

Autism Awareness Month - One person with autism may have a fe... on Twitpic I saw this posted on twitter today by Tiffany Noth from  and wanted to share it. So many times we see a child who in an outward appearance appears to be typical but their behaviors just don’t seem to fit their age.  This is something we experienced with our son. He’s bigger on the outside than he is on the inside meaning that just because he looks like a 7 or 8 or 9 year old child doesn’t mean he’s able to think or cope with situations like a typical 7 or 8 or 9 year old.  Buggy has always been about two years behind and that shows not in his physical size but in his behaviors and emotional abilities to cope with situations.  Some things that wouldn’t typically affect a child can really be a big issues for a child with autism.

You probably can’t read that image very well so let me just point out what it says.

  • I hate having my hair washed, brushed or cut.
  • I cry and shield my eyes from the sun and other bright lights.
  • I have “selective hearing” or difficulty listening.
  • I am a picky eater. I resist new foods and textures.
  • I complain about tags in my clothing.
  • I seem to be unaware of normal touch or pain.  I often touch others too soft or too hard.
  • I hate being tickled or cuddled.
  • I have poor gross motor skills, such as running and riding a bike.
  • I always walk on my tiptoes.
  • I have trouble focusing and/or concentrating.
  • I am overly sensitive to loud sounds such as vacuums and blenders.
  • I am always smelling people, food and objects.
  • I chew on everything.
  • I have poor fine motor skills, such as handwriting and cutting.
  • I have difficulty dressing myself.
  • I sit with my legs in a “W” position.
  • I put my socks on “just so” or maybe I never go barefoot.

Autism is different for every individual.  One person could display only one of these while another may display all  them.  If you see a child who seems too big to be covering his ears in a parking lot for fear of loud noise, or a child struggling while getting a hair cut think twice before judging and/or starring.  It may not be a child “misbehaving” but rather one struggling with a world they have trouble coping in.

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