Bully – Stop the Silence Stop the Bullying!

As I sit here watching the preview to the Bully movie now playing in only select theaters, I wonder why it isn’t being shown everywhere, why everyone on this planet isn’t watching this, isn’t being made to understand that this has to stop.

13 MILLION Kids will be bullied in the U.S. this year.

3 MILLION Kids are absent each month because they don’t feel safe in their own school.

We are losing our children because someone wants to be mean. Because no one is protecting our kids.  Schools say they have a no tolerance policy yet the bullying continues. Kids get teased, they get pushed, they get hurt. Hurt in a place where they should feel safe, they should be safe. Adults are there to do their job to protect our kids when they are out of our hands. Yet they aren’t.

Stop making excuses, “boys will be boys”, “some kids are just mean”.

Those are excuses for not taking action, for not protecting our kids, for not doing our job as parents to teach our children what is right and what is wrong and how to be respectful of others.

No, bullying isn’t anything new. We probably all got bullied in some way or other when we were in school but you have to admit – it is so much worse now. Children are taking their own lives because they see no other way out.  This is wrong. We have to give our kids a way out.

We are all different. My child is different, your child is different.  I hear my child’s words that cut through my heart, “mommy, I was bullied again today”.  Each and every time, I let it be known to the school.  I will not keep silent about this.  But what has been done? He’s still being teased. He is still being pushed.  He has been at the same school for 5 years now and still it continues.  I won’t let the story of this family-  their heartbreak, their loss of their son happen without saying something.  I won’t be silent for this family, I won’t be silent for the many other families who’s lives have been changed forever, I won’t be silent for my own family.

See this movie if it is available in your town. If it isn’t get on the website and Demand it! be shown in yours. I just did.  Visit the Bully website!  Watch the preview. Visit their facebook page.

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