The Silent Pains of A Child With Autism

Our kids need to know they are loved. I just read a post which included a handwritten note by a special needs mom’s under ten year old stating basically that he was worthless since no one would come to his party, he had no friends.


My heart just broke into a million tiny pieces. This isn’t a one time thing, this is a recurring instance, every year, every party. So many of our children who are socially awkward feel this way. No, they don’t all write it out – some do but not all. But they carry this pain within them. Some not sure how to let it out, how to deal with it  or how to get past it because they are children. Children who should never feel this way – EVER!

As moms and dads our hearts break for our children when they suffer pain. But can you even imagine what it’s like as the child who feels so unloved not by his family but because of a lack of friends he would write a message of such low self-worth of himself?

And it isn’t just kids with autism, it’s lots of kids – kids with special needs, kids who feel different, kids who are shy, kids who are socially awkward. This should not happen. Not to any child, not ever. I’m sorry, I don’t usually get so verbal about this but tonight my heart just broke not only for this little child but for his mom because I’ve been there. I’ve had my child feel worthless because he didn’t have any friends. I’ve wiped away his tears and did my best to take away the pain but sometimes we just can’t take it all away no matter how hard we try, how much we wish we could.

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Birdhouse for Autism: A Special Needs Parents Must Have App


Speech therapy, social skills therapy, swim class, occupational therapy, this supplement at this time, that supplement at that time, neurofeedback appointments – UGH, it’s all so overwhelming! Sometimes you are so busy going back and forth trying not to miss anything you get all out of whack and of course miss something.

If you are a mom or dad with a child with autism you know exactly what I’m talking about. Doctors and therapists want you to track, supplements need tracked, different methods of therapy need to be tracked – track, track, track! – so you know what is and what isn’t working.

I know, I’ve been there and boy did I miss stuff – appointments, supplement dosages, etc. You name it and I probably missed it at least once. Sure I had sticky notes or notes in my calendar or planner or my notebook or on my phone but somehow I still managed to miss things.


Want to make all that tracking easier? This is it –> Birdhouse for Autism App. I know you’re thinking “great one more thing to have on my phone. If I couldn’t track on my planner what makes you think I can do it with an app?”  Here’s why!

1. It’s made for parents of kids with autism by parents of kids with autism.

2. It makes tracking behavior patterns easier.

3. It makes tracking the effectiveness of supplements easier so you can figure out what is working and what isn’t and if you are staying on track taking/administering them. You can create a recurring nutrition or therapy so you don’t have to continually input the information.

4. Just in the short time I have been using the app, there have been several new additional benefits to it. It is obviously still being worked on and every time they find some method to making better use of this app, they will.

5. Sleep, mood, meltdown, poop tracking. Yes, we even have to track poop. Oh the things dr.’s ask us to track.

6. Reports! Yes, you can now compare, contract, chart and graph your child’s information.

7. You can track foods your child eats throughout the day making it easier for you to determine if there is anything they are eating that may be causing meltdowns or behavior issues.

8. You can use the app for more than one child. Add as many as you need to.

9. It’s more than just an app. You can input information via your computer at Birdhouse for Autism.

10. Free version and a premium version. Either would be extremely beneficial. Compare the benefits of both and see which one will work better for you. The cost of the premium version is minimal.

I wish I had had this app several years ago when we were trying to do and track a million and one things with my little Bug. ‘Cause you know you never know how well something is working unless you track it. But remember an app is only as useful a tool as you make it. If you take the time to get the full use out of this app then you will find it’s true value.

To learn more please visit them on facebook at or on their blog

I was provided a trial premium version at no charge in order to perform this review. No compensation took place. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Some Homeschool Days are Just Plain Rough

fractions of a number

Some homeschool days are just not easy. Today was one of those days. Frustrating for me, frustrating for him. I literally just wanted to scream and cry. Scream from the frustration, cry because I couldn’t help him. I felt so lost, so helpless. So afraid for Bug’s future. Yes those thought of what happens when he has a day like this at work as an adult with a job. They are always there.

It was rough, not that the work was rough but sometimes Bug’s brain just totally blocks out things that I know he knows how to do.

But one thing a friend of mine continues to remind me is that it’s ok to stop, it’s ok to take a break and let both of us regroup. It just breaks my heart to see my son in tears because he can’t remember what to do when he’s asked to “group” things together.

So I did it, I said enough! He needed a break and so did I. He had to go let all that frustration out and bring himself back down to a calm state of mind so he could continue. So after I held him in my arms as he allowed those tears of frustration to fall, I let him do that, I let him go on his own so he could regain his composure.

I just didn’t want to face those math problems again, not yet. He worked on language arts and did just fine. For some reason, his brain just was refusing to think in terms of math today. But I couldn’t just let him give up. So after the hugs, tears, a break, Language Arts and lunch I decided to jump back in and hoped and prayed we could get through math now.

teddy bear counting

I pulled the teddy bear counters out again and as calmly as I could I worked with him trying my best not to let frustration get a hold of me again. Today’s frustrations were not his failure but mine. Can I just please remember it’s ok to take a break when we need it? This isn’t public school, why won’t my brain remember that?

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Scholarships for Swimmers with Autism

autism ribbonApril is Autism Awareness Month. Yes, I know it’s not April yet but like I’ve said before it’s an issue that needs to be thought about every day not just one particular month. That being said, I would like to tell you what a local swim club does and how it has helped my family and what you can do to help them, help others.

Not all kids learn at the same pace. My daughter took swim lessons for maybe a month (2-2 week sessions) and she got it. From a little one whose never had a swimming lesson to swimming pretty much by the end of the first two week session! It was awesome. My son on the other hand has been learning to swim for over six months now going twice a week. He’s inching his way there but it’s not easy and I don’t even know if he’ll be swimming in another six months. He’s getting there but it takes him a long time to learn things like this.

Of course before the lessons at Houston Swim Club he wouldn’t get into the pool without a life vest even though he was tall enough not to need it. He has/had some major fears to overcome as well as muscle strength issues. But through it all the staff and teachers have been AMAZING!

Financially it’s not easy to add an additional expense for a skill like this but it is a life-saving skill kids need to know. Houston Swim Club (HSC) provides assistance to families with children with autism who need it.

You Can Help Kids Learn to Swim

They accept donations to help these families out. All donations go to the “Scholarships for Swimmers with Autism”. Whether it’s a dollar or five dollars, it all helps out families and children who really need it. And you don’t have to be a member to make a donation or even local I don’t believe. Call them and get more information if you’d like to help out. I don’t work for them and am in no way being compensated to share this with you. I am simply a mom of a child with autism who is so grateful for the hard work HSC has done with my son and I know we couldn’t do it without their help and yours.

Houston Swim Club can be reached at 281-807-7946 (SWIM). Give them a call. You’ll be making lots of little kids smile. :) Plus families who make donations will have their name put on a fish to be hung in the Observation Room for everyone to see!!

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Must Be Doing Something Right

I will admit a lot of the time I think I’m not doing a very good job of being a mom. Maybe all moms are like that, maybe you are, maybe it’s just me. I’m not sure. I mean, I blame myself for so many okay maybe all of my kid’s bad habits. I certainly blame myself for Bug’s autism. I’m sorry but I just can’t seem to get past that one. Some days I can but other days I just can’t. Especially when an article or study comes up showing what might have been the cause and of course, it has to be something I did or took or allowed doctor’s to convince me was safe. UGH.

But then something happens.

kindnessLike yesterday for example, Bug and I were picking up lunch out before we headed over to have lunch with Princess at school. A sweet young lady opened the door for us and got in line behind us. Then to my surprise, Bug leaned in to me and said, “mom, can we let her go first she did open the door for us”.  I smiled and told him “of course we can” so he ever so shyly walked over to her and in a soft voice told her she could go in front of us. She seemed surprised by his gesture but took her place in line in front of us.

I was so proud of him for his kind gesture. First for recognizing her gesture and then politely going up to her and offering his kind gesture in return. He was so happy and smiling from ear to ear. My heart just filled with joy for more than just the obvious reason.

He got it! He really did. He picked up on the social situation and did what he should have without any prompting from me at all. From a special needs mom’s perspective, this is HUGE! So maybe, just maybe I’m doing something right?

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