Disney Cruise Line Returns to Texas!

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Disney Cruise Line will once again be sailing from Galveston, Texas! During the fall of 2016, Disney Cruise Lines will be sailing from Galveston to both The Bahamas and the Caribbean with stop at Disney private island paradise, Castaway Cay. Booking your reservations for Fall 2016 will become available on Wednesday, May 20th (that’s just a couple of days away).

There are so many amazing choices coming in 2016. Just look at them:


  • Bahamas — All of these cruises include a stop at Disney’s private island paradise, Castaway Cay. Special sailings from New York, stop off at Walt Disney World Resort!
  • British Isles— A magical tour of the sights of Great Britain, Ireland, Scotland, and France.
  • Northern Europe — Explore the Baltic region with stops in Denmark, Sweden and Russia.
  • Norwegian Fjords — See the snow-capped mountains and glittering waters among the fjords of Norway.
  • Mediterranean — From the seaside villages to the ancient ruins – Spain, France and Italy.
  • Mediterranean & Greek Isles — The Mediterranean – Spain, France and Italy and the islands of Greece.
  • Canada —Visit the port towns of the “Great White North” as you travel up the Canadian coast.
  • Alaska
  • Southern Caribbean — San Juan, Puerto Rico – four cruises to the Southern Caribbean, including to the French island of Martinique.
  • Western Caribbean — Explore Western Caribbean stops, plus on 8 select sailings experience Star Wars Day at Sea.
  • Eastern Caribbean — The Eastern Caribbean includes a stop at Tortola in the British Virgin Islands.

Visit Disney Cruise Line for more information and to book your Disney Cruise!

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The CLEAR Answer to Making Air Travel Easier #ToolsForTravel


It is no secret I love to travel. Summer is right around the corner and I’m ready. While I love to fly, I don’t love the long lines at the airport. Don’t you wish you could skip the airport line? I hate having to get there so early the airport staff isn’t even there yet just because I don’t know how long the lines are going to be to get through security. That happened to me on my trip to Turks & Caicos last fall. My husband was so worried about the security lines I ended up being there long before I needed to. I was there at some weird morning hour like 3 or 4 a.m.

Can you imagine if I had had my kids with me too? How crazy would that have been? The whole security line thing is stressful enough for special needs children, I cringe every time I think about having to take my son through it. Waking him up to sit there with me at 3 a.m.? Oh that would not have been good. And then to make him wait in a long, slow moving line with lots of people. That just isn’t a good combination for a child with autism.

As a parent I’m all up for making family travel easier. Just a couple of my #ToolsForTravel tips that work for us:

  • Pack snacks for the flight
  • Scheduling flights with enough time to eat at home
  • Take ear plugs, iPods and any other items that will help alleviate any stress.

Vacations should be as stress free as possible as far as I’m concerned, that’s why I don’t want those long security lines stressing us all out before we even get off the ground.

So how do you skip the airport line? With CLEAR!


CLEAR is a membership-based service that allows travelers to get through airport security faster. One of the benefits I love about CLEAR is that kids under 18 are free if they are traveling with a CLEAR member! Great for parents with little ones. Right now you can get a Free Trial of CLEAR for 2 months! Simply use code – CLEAR2M22 Perfect timing for summer travel isn’t it?

CLEAR is now open in 11 major airports with more opening very soon. Right now CLEAR lanes are available in San Francisco (SFO), San Jose (SJC), Las Vegas (LAS), Denver (DEN), both Houston airports (IAH & HOU), San Antonio (SAT), Dallas (DFW), Orlando (MCO), Baltimore (BWI), Westchester (HPN), and Miami (MIA) coming soon.


To enroll in CLEAR, you must present either an US Passport or US issued Permanent Resident/Alien Registration Card PLUS an approved secondary ID (State Issued ID, Drivers License, Military ID, or Foreign Passport). All IDs must be valid, unamended, and unexpired. You must be at least 18 years old.

Remember my #ToolsForTravel tips and add CLEARme Security to your list too with the Free Trial of CLEAR. Don’t forget to use code – CLEAR2M22

What #ToolsForTravel tips do you have?

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Social Media on the Sand Dates Announced! #beachesmoms

Last year I was privileged to attend the Social Media on the Sand Conference at Beaches Turks & Caicos Resort Villages & Spa and I have been dreaming of returning ever since. Today the dates and location for the 2015 conference were announced!

social media on the sand conference

It’s heading back to Beaches Turks & Caicos Resort Villages & Spa and it’s been extended! This year the Social Media on  the Sand Conference will be 5 days/4 nights long. And it’s scheduled to take place October 21-25, 2015!

Five days in paradise – this just sounds heavenly.

One of the things that impressed upon my heart the most on my last visit was the generosity and giving to the children of Turks & Caicos by the Sandals Foundation.  And as I read over the tentative schedule, this caught my eye:

Thursday, October 22nd
Morning: Sandals Foundation Reading Road Trip

Oh my would I love to be part of this!

To say that I hope to be invited again this year is an understatement but that remains to be seen as this is an invite-only conference. Until invitations go out, I’ll just sit back and reminisce about BeachesMoms 2014 (with my passport close by ;-)!)


Find out more about the Social Media on the Sand Conference 

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Being Part of Something Grand at Beaches Resorts #BeachesMoms

Being able to attend a social media conference out of the country at an all-inclusive resort like Beaches Resorts was a dream come true. But you know what was even better than all that? This one thing and I wish I could have been a bigger part of it – The Sandals Foundation. The Sandals Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Sandals Resorts International. Their promise encompasses goals in three key areas – Education, Community and Environment.

Before attending the conference we were informed of the opportunity we had to pack for a purpose and that purpose was to be part of the generosity of the Sandals Foundation. We voluntarily packed backpacks with school supplies for the children in the Caribbean and presented them at one of our breakfast gatherings at Le Petit Chateau.

sandals foundation


All administrative and management costs associated with the Sandals Foundation are supported by Sandals Resorts International.

When you make a monetary donation, service or in-kind donation to the Sandals Foundation 100% of your contribution goes directly to the people they support in the Caribbean – to fulfilling their promise.

Education is one major area in which the Sandals Foundation focuses. They know the power of education and that the children are the future.

The Beaches Moms group brought backpack upon backpack and suitcase upon suitcase full of school supplies and I’ll bet you anything we all wished we could have packed more.

And when these two beautiful young girls sang a portion of the song, “We are the World”, I can tell you, I wasn’t the only one wiping away tears.


Like I said, while being on a tropical island as beautiful as Turks and Caicos is, it’s the people, the opportunity to do  good and to help children and the community in which they live that truly touched my heart at this conference.


You can be a change agent. I’d like to invite you to Like the Sandals Foundation on Facebook, Follow @SandalsFdn on Twitter & Instagram and visit them online at www.sandalsfoundation.org. Join them in helping to make the Caribbean a better place.

 I paid a fee to attend the Social Media on the Sand conference and was provided with discount rates to do so. I was not asked nor am I required to write about my experiences.

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Dining at Beaches Resorts with Food Allergies #BeachesMoms

As with any other travel destination, I run into the subject of food allergies. Will it be handled right? Will it be difficult to get what I need? Will the chef’s and staff even know what I’m talking about? All these questions pop into my head. And heading out of the country to Turks and Caicos was no different.

Fortunately though, I was able to find something I could eat at all the restaurants I ate at. There are 19 restaurants at Beaches Turk and Caicos Resort Villages and Spa so I had plenty to choose from. I didn’t get to all of them. It would have taken me more than the 4 days I had, even if that’s all I did was eat.

breakfast fruit

A lot of the meals included fruits, vegetables, fish, chicken and beef so I had no trouble finding something to eat. Even later in the evening and yes for some reason I got hungry late at night, I was able to order a bunless burger and some fries and I was fine.


As always it’s best to make your dietary restrictions known not just to the staff – i.e. waiter, waitress, chef, etc. at your chosen restaurant, but take advantage of the Culinary Concierge desk as well.

While there were plenty of delicious desserts around the resort, I pretty much stayed away from them by choice but I did opt to ask at one or two of the restaurants.

My favorite spot to eat was Barefoot by the Sea for obvious reasons it’s name fits it very well.


I loved sitting outdoors with my feet in the cool, soft sand, while watching the mesmerizing blue waters as I enjoyed my meal. I opted for a salad so I could indulge in a delicious serving of creme brulee. Yay for dessert!

creme brule

My friends however opted for something a bit more island fare.


It looked really good but I just couldn’t get past the baby octopus. I don’t think either of them did either.


And not to be outdone by my dessert, the creme brulee pictured above, they opted for one too.

chocolate ice cream topping

That is just one more thing there is no shortage of at Beaches Turks & Caicos Resort Villages and Spa, there are plenty of restaurants whether you are looking for healthier food options, picky eaters, burgers or ice cream! Ok, that last one isn’t a meal option, but hey if you are on vacation you can totally make that call yourself.

I paid a fee to attend the Social Media on the Sand conference as you would any other conference. I did receive a discounted rates from Beaches Resorts in Turks and Caicos for my stay. Thank you to BSMMedia , Beaches Resorts and all the conference sponsors who made Social Media on the Sand possible.

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