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sensitive teeth solution

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sensitive teeth solution

I am so ready for summer. The warmer weather has already started and I’m loving it. Just thinking about the soon to be hot summer days here in Texas gets me all happy. Warm days in the summer sun with some oh so cold summer treats to cool you off.

Think chilled, juicy, red watermelon or a big bowl of ice cream. Mmmmm yummy!


OUCH! What just happened? My sensitive tooth pain that’s what. Oh how I hate having sensitive teeth. It really takes the fun out of cold summer treats. Even drinking iced tea with lots of ice can cause major pain enough to make me stop in my tracks. It kind of takes all the fun out of eating ice cream when you get this shooting pain in your tooth when that refreshing and super cold ice cream hits that one spot you hoped it wouldn’t. I just cringe at he the thought of biting into a cold ice cream bar for that very same reason as much as I’d love to.

toothpaste section

I’ve tried toothpastes for sensitive teeth before with no results or none that lasted long. This year I’m trying something new I bought in the Kroger oral care aisle – Colgate Sensitive Toothbrush and Sensitivity Pen. It’s so easy to use and store. I just brush as usual with my preferred brand of toothpaste and Colgate’s soft bristle toothbrush with ultra soft bristles, ideally designed to care for sensitive teeth like I normally would, then I remove the Sensitivity Pen from it’s place at the bottom of the toothbrush where it is neatly stored. Two clicks to get the gel to the rubber tip and gently massage it onto the affected gums or tooth for 60 seconds. The Actis Enamel Pen blocks sensitivity at the source of pain. Simply: Brush, Apply and Go! No rising required, no mess and no need to change brands of toothpaste. How convenient is that?

I really like the idea of taking a proactive way to take care of my smile vs. waiting till the problem arises again then trying to find a solution to stop the pain. Stop the pain before it starts is the smart way to go don’t you think?

After only 3 days of this routine, I’m ready to have that chilled watermelon and big bowl of ice cream. I’m even ready to enjoy that ice cream bar with my kids now!


How about you, have you got sensitive teeth that keep you from enjoying cold summer treats? Give Colgate Sensitive Toothbrush and Sensitivity Pen at Kroger a try and be ready to eat those cold summer treats. Don’t forget to check your local Kroger’s webpage for digital coupons for the Colgate Sensitive Toothbrush and Sensitivity Pen before you go though because saving money is always a good thing.

Now, where did I leave my glass of ice tea?

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It Was Time to See Things Differently

canon 60D

After 33 years, yikes that’s a long time, it was time for a change. It wasn’t an easy change either and actually kind of forced on me. I loved my camera and have been a loyal Nikon gal for 33 years. No, I’m not going to tell you how old I was when I got my first Nikon (you’ll do the math, I know you will). But it recently died right as I was trying to take some photos I was asked to take of course. Isn’t that the way it always is?

So after much debate I decided to send it in to get it looked at and maybe repaired but I kept looking just in case it was time to purchase another one. Of course, I was thinking Nikon but when I asked for recommendations and reviews from friends, I just kept hearing Canon, Canon, Canon. So I fought it and looked at Canons. And eventually I decided not to have the Nikon repaired and gave in and bought myself a Canon. Yep, this Nikon gal has turned to the darkside LOL and bought herself a Canon. And you know what?

I like it! I like it very much. The kit lens alone is amazing. I can not wait to buy a 50mm lens for it though. That was the hard part – giving up my Nikon 50mm lens and returning the flash I had just bought for it. But all in all, I am super happy and hope to start putting up photos from it here on the blog.

I will tell you one thing though, it’s not easy going from a brand you have been with for so long to a totally different brand. Have you ever done that? Have you stayed brand loyal for such a long time and then when you tried a different brand you were totally blown away and wonder why you hadn’t made the switch sooner? It’s not a bad thing just different. All the buttons and knobs work differently and are in different places so that’s going to take a little getting use to. Practice, practice, practice and I’m sure I’ll get used to it with a little effort on my part.

Isn’t my new baby pretty? (photo taken with my cell phone so it’s not great)

canon 60D

Sometimes change is good!

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Disneynature MONKEY KINGDOM Family Activity Pack & Educators Guide


Last year at the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration my family and I enjoyed a pre-screening of Disneynature BEARS. And we all just loved it.


This year Disneynature is back with MONKEY KINGDOM and the story of Maya a clever and resourceful blonde-bobbed monkey. It’s the story of a mom who wants to give her son a leg up in the world which takes place in the jungles of South Africa. That’s what we all want for our kids right? But it isn’t always easy is it moms?

“Monkey Kingdom” is the sixth theatrical release for Disneynature, the first new Disney-branded film label from The Walt Disney Studios in more than 60 years.

For every ticket sold opening week (April 17-23, 2015), Disneynature will make a donation to Conservation International to help protect monkeys and other endangered species in their natural habitats. 

Disneynature MONKEY KINGDOM swings into theaters on Earth Day April 17, 2015. For more information about the film and the conservation program, go to

What a great Earth Day lesson this would be for our kids right? Well, Disney has provided both an Activity Pack and an Educators Guide just for you!

You can grab them both right here!  Monkey Kingdom_Activity_Pack and Monkey Kingdom_Educators_Guide





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