I’m Going to Type-A Conference! #typeacon

pre-portioned snacks

I have been so busy trying to get ready and prep everything I haven’t even had a chance to stop and tell you, I’m heading to Type-A Conference in Atlanta tomorrow! I’ve been to blogging conferences before but Type-A is a first for me.

Type-A Parent Conference 2014 - World's Top Conference for Mom Bloggers and Dad Bloggers
I’m so excited for so many reasons.

1. I get to go thanks to winning Kelby’s ticket giveaway.

2. I get to spend some girl time with so many friends.

3. I get to make new friends, in real life friends that I can actually hug! Yeah, I’m a hugger.

4. Learn, learn, learn. I can’t wait to learn from other bloggers, others who I look up to and maybe even help someone who is just starting out.

Now, in order to not lose my mind, stress and worry about how hubby is doing with the kids, I did a little preparation work. Do you do this when you head out of town and leave hubby and the kids?

Now, I know the kids are excited when mommy goes out of town ’cause they figure daddy will take them out every night since daddy doesn’t cook (and yes they told me that). Sorry kiddos not gonna happen!

For one thing, I don’t want them eating out EVERY night. With food sensitivities,  that will only manage to stress everyone out. So, in preparation for that obstacle, I pre-made their dinner for one night. All they will have to do is warm it up. Crockpot cooking is so helpful. Easy enough. Hubby and I discussed options for another night and he had an easy idea that won’t take much on his part and nothing to be cooked. Again easy enough. Two nights down! I figured on the last night, I’ll be nice and let them go out to eat. Yay, dinner obstacles overcome!

Now for lunches, fortunately, I booked my flight late enough in the day that I can get up and pack Princess her lunch for school. So that will only leave one day for daddy to have to get up and get her lunch ready. To help move things along easily, I’ve decided to pack her lunch and put it in the fridge so all daddy will have to do is pull it out and stick it in her lunch box. And the snacks, I portioned out and they are ready to be dropped in her lunch bag as well. Not bad huh?

pre-portioned snacks

Now to get my suitcase all packed up and get me ready to go. That’s the hard part.   Are you going to Type-A? Will I see you there? Come say Hi if you are, I’d love to meet you.

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New Painting with a Twist Opening Soon #Houston


You remember when I went to a Painting with a Twist party at the Woodlands right? I told you all about it here on the blog. Well, guess what? Another Painting with a Twist location is opening up really soon in Pasadena.

I figured if The Woodlands location was too far for you, one in Pasadena might work better for you. Their public Grand Opening is on Friday, September 19th from 7-10 p.m. The cost for the 3 hours is $45.  Their local artist SeLena will be teaching the class.  And this is the painting they’ll be creating, it’s called Boot Love (perfect for us Texans right?):


So many really cool painting you can do. You can see the schedule and which paintings will be done here on their calendar. And don’t worry if you don’t think you can paint, you may surprise yourself. Mine wasn’t great but it was certainly recognizable and my kids were so proud of me. That made it totally worth it. :) Plus, I had a great time, me time and lots of laughs and giggles with friends. Can’t wait to do it again.

If Pasadena is too far check out their other locations, there may be one close by.

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Converstaion Starters Can Lead to Laughter with kidQ


I have been asked and am being compensated to share information regarding the Scholastic Parent & Child kidQ app through this post.


As a parent I’m sure you are well aware of the importance of keeping the lines of communication open with your kids. That means having conversations with your kids and it doesn’t always have to be serious conversations about life. Just talking to your kids about anything and everything will let them know you’re there for them no matter what they want to talk about.

But all kids get to that point where you feel like you are pulling teeth just to get them to talk to you. I am at that stage in parenting right now. It’s not fun but I’m determined. So, when I learned about Scholastic Parent & Child kidQ app for getting the conversations going, it of course peaked my interest. I downloaded it on my phone as it’s available for both Android and Apple. You can too it’s free! Download the kidQ app now.

I tried it out and the first question I got on the app was “Why are feet stinky?” I get a response like this from each of my kids: “’cause they are in shoes” and “they’re dirty” and that was it. Not much of a conversation huh? I expected as much. Then I went on to read the explanation out loud to them and then the giggling and laughter started along with comments like, “eeewww gross!” and “eeww mom, I don’t want to know that!” with a look that was just priceless.  And yes, it was a little gross but it got my kids actually talking and I bet they don’t forget that either.

After I read them the answer there was a list of fun facts that followed which spurred on even more conversations. Not only is this good for starting conversations, but it gives you an idea of what your kids know and don’t know. My son has a hard time coming up with topics for conversations and even conversing can be difficult for him so this is a perfect and fun way to get him comfortable talking. And no, not every question is about stinky feet in case you are worrying about that. We got one about a dog’s nose and my animal loving daughter actually learned something new. Surprised even her. You get a new question everyday! We’re having fun with it after dinner while sitting around the living room.

I think I may just start using this as part of our home school day and practice conversations on various topics. This could be fun!


Don’t forget to download the kidQ app now before you leave. Get your kids talking and I’ll bet you get lots of laughter along with it.

I have been asked and am being compensated to share information regarding the Scholastic Parent & Child KidQ app through this post. As always all thoughts are 100 percent my own.


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