Not all Super Heros Wear Capes

super heros

super heros

Super Heros. Who do you think of?

I know my super heros.  Yes, I have more than one in my life.

First it was my dad. It’s true what they say, a little girls first love is her daddy. He is and always has been the first man I ever loved. He is my super hero! Raising a large family on only his income while my mom took care of us while he worked day and night sometimes to give us all we needed. We used to sing songs together as he played his guitar. He took us on trips and slept on the car to rest and stopped at every historical spot a long the way. What fond memories I have of my childhood because of all he gave. My Super Hero Dad! He doesn’t read my blog but here’s a message to him anyway, “I love you with all my heart dad, always have, always will.”

Then I married my next love, my Super Hero husband who cares for me and cherishes his family. He is so much like my dad. He allows me the privilege of being a stay at home mom so I can raise our kids, so I can be home for them when they come home from school and now to home school one of them. He carries the financial weight all alone just like my dad did. I couldn’t have asked for a more loving husband. No one could love me more than he does. I guess that’s what happens when you marry your best friend.

And then, that day in spring oh so many years ago it seems though it really wasn’t that long ago when I met my littlest Super Hero – our baby boy! This little tiny Bug who showed me love in an instant was real, who made my heart overflow with such unending, overly joyous love. Each and every day he shows me the challenges he faces, the determination to overcome them and pride in victory over them.

Wow, looking back on this post, I am one very lucky lady to have so much love in my life and so many Super Hero men in it.

And as far as I can remember not one of them have ever worn a cape, at least I don’t think so. But maybe they are all just really good at keeping a secret.

Who is your Super Hero?

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No More Electronics? But Mom!

no electronics

Yep, you read that right, “No more electronics!” I finally reached that point in parenting when I said enough was enough. Constant bickering. Picking on each other. Staring at screens for as long as they could possibly get away with. Taking a break from staring at the computer monitor by heading over and staring at the television screen. Moving from computer games to the Xbox or Wii. UGH! And yes, I admit that is my fault. I fall into that trap of, “I have work I have to get done” and it seemed like a good babysitter. I know I am not the only one guilty of that. But then family rules got broken and that was it!

No more.

No more.


I can’t take it.

The kids are off electronics/technology for an entire week! Drastic? Maybe, but come on it’s summertime. Yes, it’s hot! But for goodness sake, I really would like to look at my kids in the face instead of the back of their heads.

I want to see them play with each other both indoors and outdoors, talk to each other and just generally enjoy summer with each other. School will be here again before we know it.

Are they surviving without electronics and technology? Sure they are! Just like we did as kids. And they are being nice to each other and playing games together. These kids I recognize, but it’s been awhile since I’ve seen them. I’ve missed this.

no electronics

We talk and take walks, we find bugs, we go places and just enjoy each other. Sadly, I feel like so much time that should have been spent like this has already passed us by but no more. Today, I’m making a change for the better, for them, for me, for all of us.

© 2014, Nanette Gomez. All rights reserved.

A Letter to My Children

mean mom

As my daughter was sitting next to me working on her online coding class, she noticed I had left a page open on my desktop with an article about being a mean mommy. She looked at me completely puzzled as to why I would be reading such an article.

I explained to her that I too was a mean mommy and that just confused her even more until I explained what it meant.

Because you see, I would love to be my child’s best friend, I would, but being their best friend isn’t going to serve them best when they are adults and on their own, working and raising a family. Don’t get me wrong, I am still my kid’s friend/confidant but not just their friend.

If I didn’t teach them now that life requires responsibility, strength, kindness, empathy, understanding, hard work, determination and so much more, how will they know how to handle it all?

“You don’t like it when I don’t just give you the answer when you struggle with school work, do you?”

“You don’t like me when I tell you to fix your bed or get your work done before I let you play, do you?”

“You didn’t like it when I took your technology privileges away for a whole day for not doing as you were asked, did you?”

Her response to those were of course, “No!”.

But then I asked her, did you learn from those experiences? “Yes!” she replied with a smile on her face.

“Then it’s ok for you not to like me all the time. It’s ok for you to think I am a mean mommy sometimes. It teaches you how much I love you and that I want the best for you in life. I want you to be responsible, prepared, kind and strong.”

So just know my children, I’m teaching you how to do that every day while you are still growing under my wings until it is time to let you spread your wings and fly. I love you both and though it will hurt to see you fly on your own, it will also fill my heart with love and joy if I know I have done my job as your parent to the best that I could have.

© 2014, Nanette Gomez. All rights reserved.