Trust Your Instincts



It’s been a crazy couple of weeks between out of town guests, plumbing issues at home, a scheduled event and staycation, hotel stays and a broken water heater. But despite it all, I’m oh so very grateful.

Why? Because this past weekend could have been very bad, fatally bad if my husband hadn’t trusted his instincts and gotten us out of the house in the wee hours of the morning on Sunday. We came in late and he noticed an odd smell, a gas smell. We’ve never had that problem before and I guess because everything had just been a whirlwind of chaos I wasn’t really thinking clearly. Thankfully he was.

The smell wasn’t real bad but it was there. So we kept the kids outside and I quickly threw a couple of items in a suitcase I already had out and we up and went to a hotel. We probably should have just left right there without a suitcase but like I said I wasn’t thinking clearly. Now, we were at a bit of a loss as to what to do or who to contact.

So first things first we got settled in the hotel and I got the kids ready for bed. While they were doing that I called our landlord and left a message. Not surprised he didn’t answer it was pretty late. We called 911 and the fire department met hubby at the house so they could check to see if there was indeed a gas leak somewhere. They checked the entire house out top to bottom and said there was no gas leak.

Were we that tired, that out of it that we were smelling something that wasn’t really there?

I wasn’t about to get the kids out of bed and the money for the hotel was already spent. But it just nagged at us that we couldn’t have both just imagined it. So the next morning we called the energy company and they sent a very nice gentleman out. And guess what?

Yes, you guess it – there was a gas leak! The firemen and their equipment didn’t detect it but it was there, there was a gas leak right at the water heater which we suspected.

I will forever be grateful my hubby trusted his instincts and got us all out of there and to safety. Don’t trust anyone when lives are at stake. Trust your instincts and get a second opinion.

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Fun at the Houston Arcade Expo with my HP Envy #HPSmartMom

billy mitchell autographs photo for little fan

This past weekend, (wow it’s been a week already) I packed up my camera and my HPEnvy printer to take to the Houston Arcade Expo in Northwest Houston. We had some special guests coming to the show and I wanted to make sure and capture all the fun. That I did.

Attendees were so excited to meet some really great guys in the video game world – world record breakers like Joel West and Billy Mitchell as well as Mark Hoff and Mr. Walter Day of Twin Galaxies fame!

It was wonderful seeing the smiles on people’s faces as they greeted them and snapped photos with them with their cell phones. But you know what made the event even more fun? I grabbed my DSLR and asked them if they wanted a photo with my camera.

billy mitchell and fan

Then I would surprise them and tell them I’d print it out for them so they could have that moment in time autographed. These were priceless moments.

billy mitchell autographs photo for little fan

And they loved the idea! They now had a photo they could frame, take home and display. What a great way to capture a memory.

I had a great time using my camera so much, printing out photos and seeing the smiles on the attendee’s faces. I would never have thought to have so much fun had I not been able to just pick up my lightweight, easy to carry with me HP Envy.

Now to think of more ways to really enjoy and make full use of my HPEnvy.

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Bringing Classic Video Game Fun Back This Weekend #Houston


Hey Houstonians! This coming weekend beginning Friday, Nov. 7th and ending Saturday evening (Nov. 8th) you can play classic video games from days gone by at the Houston Area Arcade Expo. Lots of local video game enthusiasts bring their games for you to play. It’s a fun event for all.

Tickets (and event information) for the event can be purchased here: Today may be the last day for the pre-order of discounted tickets so if you want to go I’d grab those tickets quick! All games are set to free play so once you buy your tickets you can play all you want. No quarters needed.

Everything from classic arcade games and vintage computers to pinballs and video game consoles of yesteryear.


Remember the old apple IIe computers and Atari 2600 consoles? Yes, there will be some of those too.

The full list of over 200 games can be found here: How many do you remember playing as a kid?

Come and relive the good old days of your childhood and video arcade games. It’s going to be a fun time for all.


Oh and don’t forget you’ll also have the chance to meet Walter Day of Twin Galaxies fame, Video Game Player of the Century – Billy Mitchell, World Record breaker – Joel West and more. See who else will be there.


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