HP Social Media Snapshots are Buy One Get One Free!

As an HPMom I have been able to give my input on new and potential products by HP. I love that they listen to what we as HPMoms have to say and what we are looking for in products. This is one of their latest products and I think it’s great!

HP is pleased to introduce HP Social Media Snapshots! The 4×5 inch photo sheets have a sticky back that is perfect for printing, displaying and reliving life’s moments. Best of all, you can now unlock your favorite photos from Instagram and Facebook by printing them directly from your smartphone or tablet. Currently HP Social Media Snapshots is available at Staples and HP.com and coming soon to other major retailers.

Now through November 30th, HP Social Media Snapshots are Buy One Get One Free when you use the following link and click “redeem now”:


What I love about this product is this:

You can finally get your photos off your phone (or tablet), instagram and facebook accounts and printed.

They have sticky backs that won’t peel the paint off walls. Great for kids who captured that special moment with friends and who want to display it in their rooms. No more pushpin or thumb tack holes in the walls or tape that peels off the paint. Don’t you just hate that?

It makes displaying those on the spot moments so much easier to print and display whether you choose to put them in a scrapbook (no tape needed) or in a collage designed on your wall. ‘Cause we all know it’s those totally unplanned, spur of the moment snapshots that catch the really you and tell a great story. Why keep them trapped in your phone? Now you don’t have to.


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Do you have a favorite quote?

Insightful, meaning, motivational, love-filled . . . There are so many unforgetable beautiful quotes, I don’t think I can pick just one. Can you? What do you prefer loved-filled quotes or maybe motivational quotes are your thing. Not sure if you’ve noticed but on Thursdays I have been posting a quote on my social media sites (if you follow me on twitter or instagram I’m sure you’ve seen them, if you don’t come follow along) it’s just my little place in the world to share some of my favorite quotes. If I put it here on the blog too it’s because I’m sharing with you not just one of my favorite quotes but also my own personal photographs.

Some of them were taken locally while others were taken while traveling. I’m so excited to be traveling once again to Beaches Resorts Turks & Caicos so hopefully I’ll be bringing back more photos to share with you on my Thought for Thursday posts. Yes, I think that’s what I shall call my Thursday posts. What do you think?

And speaking of my upcoming trip, I hope you’ll tag along by following me on twitter and instagram. I can tell you one thing, there will be lots of learning, lots of laughing and lots of beautiful things to see.

Why yes, it appears I have totally gone off track here. Can you blame me? I’m heading to a gorgeous resort tomorrow! I can’t seem to keep my mind on anything else right now (including packing which I must get finished).

Ok so maybe I should have changed the title of this post. OOoops, sorry.

Just so I can get back to my topic at hand, here’s a fantastic quote for you. And if you look close enough you’ll notice that’s actually a double rainbow.

rainbow in someones cloud

May you always be a rainbow.

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Cherishing the Moments

We are all too much in a rush some days maybe all the time that we let life pass us by. We focus so much on getting through the days we don’t cherish the moments in the day we had. This past week my parents came up to visit and I took the week off from just about everything to really spend and cherish the moments I had with them.

When we’re kids we think our parents are invincible and will be with us forever. But the sad truth is they won’t be. I don’t know if my dad will be able to make it up here to visit us again, I don’t know when we will get down to visit them again. We just never know what tomorrow brings so I didn’t want to spend another moment online when I could be spending it with my mom and dad. And I wanted Bug to spend time with them too. So we got our school work done early and we spent our days with Grandma and Grandpa. And I will tell you this, I think this was the best visit we’ve had in a long time.

Bug and Grandpa spent so much time together. They shared a room. Grandpa told him his versions of bedtime stories. Yes, I listened once at the door just cause I want to hold on to that memory forever. He was telling his version of Jack and the Beanstalk. I love my Bug for letting Grandpa be silly. Bug loves his grandpa so very, very much. Those two are joined at the hip practically. He seems to forget Grandpa was mine first. Haha.


My dad’s a talker and sometimes yeah too much but this time, somehow it was different. I wanted to hear his voice even if he rambled on about nothing. I wanted to help him walk from the car to the store. I wanted his advice on buying a lawn mower and telling me how to hang a picture the right way and how to fix a leaky toilet and to just be with me. Maybe this time, I just looked at him differently. I’m not sure exactly. I just know I love him so much and him being here this past week meant the world to me. And I know it meant the world to his little Bug. Ok, maybe not so little Bug. He’s almost 6 feet tall now. (But that is still one of my favorite photos of Bug and Grandpa.)

Little Princess loved sharing a room with Grandma and going out and getting spoiled by Grandma and Grandpa. Grandparents are awesome! We all had way too many ice cream shakes this visit but boy was it fun.

It was so nice to sit and talk to my mom just one on one for a change. Coming from a big family one on one time isn’t an easy thing to come by when you are all only a year or so apart. I guess there are some advantages to growing up. (Ssshhh don’t tell Peter Pan that though.)

I guess, all in all, my point is don’t let those moments in life pass you by because you are too busy getting by in life rather than living it. Enjoy every moment of your life, with your family, your kids and your parents.


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10 Tips for Keeping your Kids Safe Online

10 tips keeping kids safe

I recently shared with you my daughter’s bullying problems if you may recall. But these days with so much technology in our everyday lives we have to realize, bullying doesn’t end when the school day does. It can happen to anyone, anywhere thanks to cellphones, computers, tablets, etc.

Cyberbullying can take place through instant messaging via your child’s computers, through e-mails and/or photo/text messages sent directly to your child’s cell phone. Social media sites such as facebook and twitter are where other’s can “gang up” on your child and post mean things about them. So how do we protect our kids?

  • Take Action Take any act of bullying/cyberbullying seriously and take action against it.
    • Happening at school? Follow your school’s policy and report it.
    • Happening online? Report it to the website it is taking place on.
      • Change your child’s screen names and passwords online.
    • Happening via phone? Change your child’s cell phone number.
    • If you think your child is in danger, contact the police.
  • Learn
    • Do you know how your child’s phone works? Have access to it – passwords or pin to unlock and monitor it? Are they able to send/receive photo and video messages?
    • If your child is on social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter, snap-chat, Youtube, various websites, do you know what their online activities include and how to use such sites? You should.
    • Join the social media sites your child is a part of. No, they may not like it but for your child’s safety monitor these sites and what is happening in your child’s life.
  • Teach Digital Safety
    • Never give out personal information – real name, address or phone number.
    • Always be respectful online, via text and/or photos.
    • Keep online profiles private – only allow people you know personally access to those profiles.
  • Limit Screen Time
    • Set daily time limits for phone and computer use.
    • Collect phones and portable internet capable devices before bedtime.
    • Set a time at night in which all devices including phone use ends. No calls, texts, etc after a certain hour.
    • Set down consequences for rule breaking.
  • Monitor
    • “Friend” your child on their social networking sites.
    • Make computer time take place in an open area of your home not behind closed doors.
    • Check your child’s computer history to make sure no off-limit sites are being viewed.
    • Talk to your child and find out who their online gaming friends are.
  • Security. Since we can’t always be watching what our kids are doing online consider security options.
    • Block specific websites you feel are a danger to your child.
    • Block individuals you feel may try to harass your child.
  • Reporting. Make sure your child knows the difference between tattling to get someone into trouble and reporting to keep themselves and their friends safe.
  • Teach Your Child What To Do. If your child or someone they know is being bullied they need to know what to do.
    • Immediately tell you, a teacher or another adult they trust.
    •  Not respond to it. Responding can make the situation worse.
    • Save everything; it’s evidence that the bullying took place.
  • Watch for Behavior Changes
    • An all of  sudden decrease in internet and/or cell phone use.
    • Mood swings.
    • Withdrawl from activities or friends.
    • Not wanting to go to school.
  • Talk with Your Child. Communication is vital. They need to know they can come to you to talk about anything and everything. Show interest in what they are doing and have to say.

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Trampoline Fun for Everyone!

Before I jump into the event announcement, I’d like to tell you why this event is important. If you’ve visited my blog before you know we have a special needs son and how much autism is a part of our lives. This event is important not just to me but to Sky High Sports’ founder, Jerry Raymond. It’s a passion project for him as he too has a special needs child, a son who is also on the autism spectrum. To learn more about Jerry and his labor of love visit Sky High Sports Special Needs Jump Time.

Now on to the announcement!

sky high sports trampoline park

Sky High Sports Houston is having a Red Carpet Grand Re-Opening next Saturday, September 19th! All proceeds, yes, 100% (jump fees) will benefit Autism Speaks Houston Chapter. There will be special pricing, goody bags and a family photo/video on the red carpet contest.

From 11am until 2pm, the first 200 people will receive a goody bag ($40 value) including:

  • Sky High t-shirt ($15)
  • Pair of re-usable, grippy jump socks ($2)
  • 2-for-1 pass for a return trip with a friend ($22)
  • Sky High rubber bracelet and temporary tattoo
  • Flyer regarding Walk For Autism Speaks event on Oct. 10th

Check out what’s new!

Sky High Hoops – for you NBA dreamers.

Ninja Course – race against the clock or compete with others for Ninja bragging rights.

Not an NBA hopeful or Ninja? How about an old fashioned game of Dodgeball taken to a new Sky High level? Or just show your stuff on the FreestyleCourt.

Got little ones? The Kids Court – is for lil’ jumpers 8 years old and younger.

Trampolines not your thing? How about leaping into a sea of cushy foam squares in the Super Size Foam Pit?

But before you jump in on all the fun, make sure to stop on the red carpet for your family photo or video and then share it on your favorite social media platform for a chance to win a Family Pass good for 10 1-hour jump sessions. That’s a $110 value). (1 winner)

*Please note there is a required $5 per hour jump fee at the event to receive a goody bag. The regular jump rate is $11 per hour so you’ll be getting quite a deal.

Sky High Sports is located at 10510 Westview Dr. (Spring Branch Memorial), Houston 77043.

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