It Was Time to See Things Differently

canon 60D

After 33 years, yikes that’s a long time, it was time for a change. It wasn’t an easy change either and actually kind of forced on me. I loved my camera and have been a loyal Nikon gal for 33 years. No, I’m not going to tell you how old I was when I got my first Nikon (you’ll do the math, I know you will). But it recently died right as I was trying to take some photos I was asked to take of course. Isn’t that the way it always is?

So after much debate I decided to send it in to get it looked at and maybe repaired but I kept looking just in case it was time to purchase another one. Of course, I was thinking Nikon but when I asked for recommendations and reviews from friends, I just kept hearing Canon, Canon, Canon. So I fought it and looked at Canons. And eventually I decided not to have the Nikon repaired and gave in and bought myself a Canon. Yep, this Nikon gal has turned to the darkside LOL and bought herself a Canon. And you know what?

I like it! I like it very much. The kit lens alone is amazing. I can not wait to buy a 50mm lens for it though. That was the hard part – giving up my Nikon 50mm lens and returning the flash I had just bought for it. But all in all, I am super happy and hope to start putting up photos from it here on the blog.

I will tell you one thing though, it’s not easy going from a brand you have been with for so long to a totally different brand. Have you ever done that? Have you stayed brand loyal for such a long time and then when you tried a different brand you were totally blown away and wonder why you hadn’t made the switch sooner? It’s not a bad thing just different. All the buttons and knobs work differently and are in different places so that’s going to take a little getting use to. Practice, practice, practice and I’m sure I’ll get used to it with a little effort on my part.

Isn’t my new baby pretty? (photo taken with my cell phone so it’s not great)

canon 60D

Sometimes change is good!

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Creativity – What Does It Mean To You?



I just made a comment on my facebook page saying I’m not very good at crafts and then it made me think. No, I’m not good at crafts but that’s doesn’t mean I’m not creative. I guess I let my head get stuck into thinking that if I can’t create crafts then I’m not creative but that’s not really true.

There are so many ways to be creative. So, it made me start to wonder, what exactly does it mean when you talk about “creativity”? What is creativity to you?

I may not be able to make something or build something but I find my creativity behind my camera. What some people may take as an “odd photo” or “strange thing to take a picture of” yes, I’ve been told both I call creativity.

I may not look at life the same way you do. Things that you would typically look right over might be the one major thing I see.

I used to think of creativity as a talent like song writing, painting or drawing skills but it’s so much more and each of us have some way of showing our creativity if we just let go to the concept we have in our heads of what creativity is.

Is it in your writing? Is it in a trade, or skill you have mastered? Have you got wild crazy skills when it come to Photoshop? What is it? How do you show your creativity?

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Four Books that Changed My Life

anxiety & panic attacks

Books change lives, they give us hope, they give us knowledge and sometimes they inspire us to grow in ways we never imagined. As I thought about all the books I’ve read throughout the years a handful that truly touched my heart and life came to mind.

The Bible

It gives me knowledge of the past, instructions on how to live my life and raise my family today and hope for the future. It gives me guidance, comfort and strength when I need it most.


To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee

This was just one of those books that touched my heart so deeply. It’s one I want my children to read and understand. It’s one of injustice, justice, prejudice and understanding.


Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

Long before I married and had children I read this book and the story touched my heart so much I never forgot it.

I had no idea how the characters in those last two books would truly impact my actions, reactions and my beliefs. How could I know that I would grow up to become a special needs mom or maybe I did know. Maybe that’s why I was drawn to those book. Maybe that’s why my heart took to them so easily and the characters were etched in my mind and heart from the moment I read the words on the pages.

anxiety & panic attacks

Anxiety & Panic Attacks: Their Cause and Cure by Robert Handly

I suffered from anxiety attacks beginning in my early twenties. So much so that I was put on medication to help me deal with it. I struggled with it for years unable to cope with it on my own. After several visits to the ER in hopes that they could help me, I found this book and its five step program. Not every step worked for me but I couldn’t give up. I didn’t want to be on medication for the rest of my life and I didn’t want anxiety to take the joy life had in store for me away. As I pushed myself to get through all the steps and with encouragement from my best friend (now my husband) I managed to get through it. While I may still get a small anxiety attack every couple of years it is so much more under control. I shudder to think what my life would be like now had I not found this book and pushed myself through it.

What books have changed your life?

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