Trampoline Fun for Everyone!

Before I jump into the event announcement, I’d like to tell you why this event is important. If you’ve visited my blog before you know we have a special needs son and how much autism is a part of our lives. This event is important not just to me but to Sky High Sports’ founder, Jerry Raymond. It’s a passion project for him as he too has a special needs child, a son who is also on the autism spectrum. To learn more about Jerry and his labor of love visit Sky High Sports Special Needs Jump Time.

Now on to the announcement!

sky high sports trampoline park

Sky High Sports Houston is having a Red Carpet Grand Re-Opening next Saturday, September 19th! All proceeds, yes, 100% (jump fees) will benefit Autism Speaks Houston Chapter. There will be special pricing, goody bags and a family photo/video on the red carpet contest.

From 11am until 2pm, the first 200 people will receive a goody bag ($40 value) including:

  • Sky High t-shirt ($15)
  • Pair of re-usable, grippy jump socks ($2)
  • 2-for-1 pass for a return trip with a friend ($22)
  • Sky High rubber bracelet and temporary tattoo
  • Flyer regarding Walk For Autism Speaks event on Oct. 10th

Check out what’s new!

Sky High Hoops – for you NBA dreamers.

Ninja Course – race against the clock or compete with others for Ninja bragging rights.

Not an NBA hopeful or Ninja? How about an old fashioned game of Dodgeball taken to a new Sky High level? Or just show your stuff on the FreestyleCourt.

Got little ones? The Kids Court – is for lil’ jumpers 8 years old and younger.

Trampolines not your thing? How about leaping into a sea of cushy foam squares in the Super Size Foam Pit?

But before you jump in on all the fun, make sure to stop on the red carpet for your family photo or video and then share it on your favorite social media platform for a chance to win a Family Pass good for 10 1-hour jump sessions. That’s a $110 value). (1 winner)

*Please note there is a required $5 per hour jump fee at the event to receive a goody bag. The regular jump rate is $11 per hour so you’ll be getting quite a deal.

Sky High Sports is located at 10510 Westview Dr. (Spring Branch Memorial), Houston 77043.

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You’re Invited…

There is a very special event happening in one week and I wanted to extend this personal invitation to you.

11194453_1187715531242728_1358338639738875616_o (1)

This is a historical event in the world of eSports. Lots of eSports celebrities will be in attendance including Walter Day founder of the original Twin Galaxies, Billy Mitchell – The Video Game Player of the Century and the first achieve a perfect Pac-Man game, Joel West – Frenzy World Record and Steve Sanders just to name a few.

Please come and support Ottumwa’s unique legacy as “The Historic Birthplace of Organized Competitive eSports. A 220-pound Bronze Plaque (35-INCHES WIDE BY 48-INCHES TALL) is being Dedicated at 226 East Main Street at 11AM on Sunday, August 16, 2015. There will be a ribbon-cutting ceremony and some words from the leaders of our community as well as words of support from visitors from other countries. There will be a BIG GROUP PHOTO of the crowd gathered around the Plaque, followed by a group photo specifically for the children who are there. This will be a unique memory that the children will share in common for the rest of their lives, and they will have this photo as a keepsake. Please bring your kids for the photograph. Remember, 11AM on Sunday, August 16, 2015. It’s a day of CIVIC PRIDE for Ottumwa because no other city in the entire world can claim the distinction of being the historic birthplace of competitive eSports. And, incidentally, the video game industry has become the world’s largest entertainment industry, now outpacing music, movies and sports.

Be a part of history in the making!

Thank you in advance to the Ottumwa Mayor’s Office for their support in providing refreshments for this special event’s attendees.

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Those adorable yet mischievous chipmunks are at it again in their latest flick- Alvin and the The Chipmunks: The Road Chip! The animated comedy film is set to be released in theaters December 23, 2015.

Through a series of misunderstandings, Alvin, Simon and Theodore come to believe that Dave is going to propose to his new girlfriend in New York City…and dump them.  They have three days to get to him and stop the proposal, saving themselves not only from losing Dave but possibly from gaining a terrible stepbrother.

Watch the trailer now: 






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Twin Galaxies Entertainment Festival Special VIP CODE!

xdb_file_img_532_300xauto.png.pagespeed.ic.TG_Kw2agZD (1)

A new classic gaming and arcade festival will be held at the Museum of Pinball in Banning, CA on
October 2, 3 & 4, 2015! The Twin Galaxies Entertainment Festival tickets officially go on sale July
1st but we’ve got a special PRE-SALE VIP code just for you. Check out the special guest list too!

Your special VIP PRE-SALE CODE is: BillyMitchell

All day freeplay.
Access to almost 800 games
Live musical acts.
And, special guests.
Plus, there will be tons more:
All new tournaments and prizes.
Multiple food trucks.
Live putting tournaments.
Live basketball competition.
And, more than a few surprises!

The Early Bird VIP Ticket Package Includes:BillyMitchell_Promo

3-day admission (Value: $50/day).
3-day parking pass (Value: $10/day).
Custom VIP limited edition event lanyard.
VIP-only event t-shirt.
Advanced entry each day.
Access to VIP-only area at festival.


Special Guests:
Walter Day, Billy Mitchell, Jace Hall, Tommy Tallarico and more!

Event Dates & Time:

October 2nd (2pm-12am)
October 3rd (10am-2am)
October 4th (10am-7pm)

Location Information:

Twin Galaxies Arcade and eSports Event Center at the Museum of Pinball
700 South Hathaway
Banning, CA 92220

We’ll keep you up to date as information becomes available!

Remember Your special VIP PRE-SALE CODE is: BillyMitchell

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Keeping Family Movie Night “Family-Friendly”

We do family movie night here. Each week we take a turn and pick the movie we are going to watch as a family. With two young ones yes we tend to watch a lot of cartoons and as a Disney fan I tend to pick those too. We’re really careful about what we watch as we are really not ones for foul language in movies. I like movies where I can just sit back and enjoy it with my family without having to worry about when the next foul word is going to come up and if the kids will hear it or it will go right past them (well I could only really hope that second part happens).

I’ve talked to my husband about all the great movies I watched as a kid with my family. Some, ok maybe most of them he’d never heard of. I usually give in and let the kids pick when it’s my turn. But finally I gave in to my husband’s prodding and thought about all those movies I kept telling him about. I searched on Amazon Instant Video for the movies I used to watch and sure enough they were there. Can’t get them on Netflix, believe me I looked. But is it worth the $3 for a movie at home with the kids? Of course it is!

the parent trap

I picked out a movie I hadn’t seen since I was little but had no trouble remembering every scene. Yes, it ended up being a Disney flick, with me would you expect any less? We watched the original version of The Parent Trap with Hayley Mills, Brian Keith and Maureen O’Hara. Oh how it took me back to when I was little. I laughed at the same scenes as when I was young. I remember the words to the song in the movie. I really, thoroughly enjoyed myself.

And you know what? So did my kids and so did my husband. All this time I thought the movies I enjoyed would bore them, it didn’t. Now I’m not saying they will love every movie I did as a kid but now I’m really looking forward to my turn coming around again. Thinking about all the great movies I used to watch.

My mom was big on musicals when I was growing up, my hubby not so much so I may have to hold off on those for a just a bit but I can think of plenty of Disney flicks of years gone by that my kiddos haven’t seen yet. Next up? I’m thinking Swiss Family Robinson. That was good one.

Family flicks like: Father Goose, The African Queen, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, How to Marry a Millionaire, Oklahoma, Old Yeller…

What about you? What movies did you watch as a child that you would share with your kids? I’d love to have a few more in my back pocket. 😉 And I know I’ll forget about a ton of them.

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