Not the Way I Wanted to End My Week – Focus Friday

focus friday

focus friday

I was able to pretty much stay on track this week. I had to of course add my #DisneySide party planning into my schedule and not let it over take my day.  And honestly, I think I did okay most of the week. By Thursday I was doing great!

Then today *poof* it was gone. Focus was out the window at 4:49 a.m. when I woke up with a migraine. Another one, that’s the second one this week. Fortunately, the last one was on the weekend so it didn’t interfere with my work week focus. Can’t say much for my weekend though but oh well. And this cold weather isn’t helping. Oh, how I hate to be cold.

So even though I’m not ending the week very focused I am still trying, hard as it is right now. Determination counts for something doesn’t it?

Have you ever tried to work through your to do list with a migraine? For me it is not fun!

Let’s just hope it passes quickly and I can get through my to do list for today.

Hope you have an amazing weekend! Enjoy your friends and family and stay safe and warm.


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Got A Little SideTracked – Focus Friday

focus friday

focus fridayFor the most part. I think I did pretty well this week. I will admit that when I got the email telling me I was selected to be a DisneySide @ Home Celebration Host, I got a little side-tracked and had some trouble focusing on my daily to do list. But I was able to get back on track the next day and stay there. Thursday I just seemed to plow through my to-do list with no trouble at all.

It helps a lot that Bug is now much more accustomed to our home school routine. He knows what needs to be done and is prepared to do it. I love how independent he is becoming (in regards school work of course). It works great so long as I don’t change up our routine too much or without any notice. That throws both of us off.

We’ve got a little change coming up to our routine starting next week and I’m hoping it doesn’t take too long to re-adjust to it.  I’ll just have to keep reminding myself, change is good and whatever it brings with it, we’ll get through it.

With the accountability factor I’ve got with my pal, Tricia from LittleHandBigHeart, I really try to stay on top of my to-do list rather than just shove it off to the side and ignore it.

Limiting my time on social media sites just for the sake of being there is really proving to be easier than I thought. I still love my social media but there is a time and place for all things and that includes social media interactions.

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It Takes Babysteps to Get You There

road map

road map

If you don’t know where you want to be, how do you expect to get there, right? So, this year I want to look ahead at where I want to be by the end of this year. But not just where I want to be, but how I’ll get there.

You’ve got to have a road map!

I always say, “I want to save money this year” but what happens when the end of the year comes around? Have I saved anything? No! And it frustrates me. But I’m not taking the little steps I need to to make that happen. I want to save money then I have to plan for it, schedule it, automate it if I have to and track it. And I need to have mini-goals set along the way to help me be sure I am on track to reaching my goal.

And this doesn’t just go for saving money. The same is true about weight loss or any other goal you want to achieve. Babysteps!

So figure out what your end goal is. Say you want to save $1,200 a year. Break it down to, how much money a month do I need to put into a savings account? 100.  Seem like a lot still? Keep breaking it down? Do you get paid bi-weekly, then that’s $50 a week. Weekly? It’s $25 a week. That’s  lunch out once a week. You can surely knock that out right?

I’ve started tracking my grocery receipts and my shopping savings. If I’m truly taking those savings and putting that money aside it should really make a dent. Especially, with as many trips as I make to the grocery store and if I start adding a few coupons in there it can grow at a fairly nice rate without even trying hardly.

receipt savings

I’ve written out my goals, set my mini goals and markers along the way to get me there. By doing that, I’ve already started taking steps and working toward my goals.

So where do you want to be at the end of 2014? And what are your babysteps to get there? Enjoy the journey to your destination and don’t stress about it. Remember, babysteps will get you there.

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